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Dress Code Policy


Please be advised that the following LHS Dress Code policy will be in effect for the 2022-2023 school year at LaBelle High School.  Please review this policy before shopping for school clothing. 

DRESS CODE AND GROOMING POLICY (2022-2023):  Students and parents need to be aware of the importance of adhering to the LHS dress code policy.  LHS administration reserves the right to prohibit the wearing of any article of clothing, accessory, or hairstyle that is considered disruptive to the educational process.  The following dress and grooming requirements are to be followed by all students:

  • All students will wear their ID badge outside their clothing at all times. This means from the time students arrive on campus until the time students depart from campus. This is a school safety measure and will be strictly enforced.
  • Backpacks/bags will be permitted in classrooms, hallways, and the lunchroom during the school day, if necessary. Clear or mesh backpacks are preferred. 
  •  Pants must be worn at the waist and fit appropriately.  Underclothing (including shorts) should not be seen.  This is now covered expressly in Florida state law.
  • Hoods cannot be worn up at any time during the school day. Multiple violations will result in the hoodie being confiscated and a parent will need to pick it up.
  •  Phones and other non-school-issued electronic devices should be turned off and stowed away during the school day, with the exception of under the supervision of the teacher.  These devices will be confiscated by adults in the school and sent to the discipline office.  Students may pick these items up after school the first time they are confiscated.  A parent must come to pick up the confiscated electronic device the 3rd time it is taken.  Repeated violations will result in disciplinary measures.
  • Earbuds and headphones are not permitted on campus. If a student is wearing earbuds/headphones they will be confiscated and a parent will need to pick them up. Refusal to relinquish will result in disciplinary measures.
  •  Safe footwear shall be worn at all times. No bedroom slippers or shower shoes shall be worn.
  • Tops and blouses may be sleeveless, but undergarments must NOT be visible. Tops must not expose the midriff and may not be see-through, backless, or have cut-outs. Crop tops, spaghetti straps, or off-the-shoulder tops are not permitted. Clothing must cover the chest area to ensure that cleavage is not exposed.  At no point should you be able to see a student’s undergarments.
  •  No pajama pants or blankets are permitted.
  • The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses must be fingertip length or longer. No spandex shorts allowed.
  • No holes in clothing.
  • No caps, hats, bandanas, stocking caps, hairnets/durags/scarves are allowed on campus at any time. Sunglasses shall not be worn in any building.  
  • Intentionally altered clothing or unbuttoned and ill-fitted garments are not acceptable.  Ill-fitted garments include, but are not limited to, those that are too small (body suites, bodycon dresses/skirts) or too large (falling off the body).
  •  All clothing and accessories must be free of any promotion of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or offensive, profane, discriminatory, and/or suggestive messages.
  •  Costumes or other clothing that creates a distraction is not permitted.
  •  Clothing, symbols, or other items deemed to be associated with gangs may not be worn, displayed, or carried.

Students who violate the dress code policy the first time will be issued a warning, scanned, and asked to change clothes.  If students do not have an alternate set of clothing at school, they will be sent to the RTC (Responsible Thinking Classroom) to change into school-issued clothing or wait for a parent to bring them a change of clothes.  Students who violate the dress code a 2nd time will be issued a Lunch Detention/Work Detail and asked to change clothes.  Repeated dress code violations will result in further, more serious disciplinary measures.